Guidelines for posters


The poster display area is 1189 mm (height) × 849 mm (width), which is equivalent to A0 format (ISO 216).
For proper mounting, the margins on the poster should be not less than 25mm.
The instruction, how to mount their poster on the board, is available on the picture.

ATTENTION! We recommend to prepare posters not larger that A0 format (it is impossible to mount on the poster board). Too small posters are also not good since they can slide down

Any mounting supplies (e.g. pushpins, double-sided tape) are forbidden.

Author's Presence

How much time presenters spend with their posters is up to them. Since one of the clear advantages of poster presentations is sustained interaction with the "audience," we urge presenters to spend as much of the two and a half hours as possible with their material.

Guidelines for posters